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Showit5 Design | Creme & Mint


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The Creme & Mint design is a soft, modern template using mint throughout the site that can easily be changed. The design includes the following pages/features:


Pages Include:

  • One page layout with several canvases
  • About the photographer section with instagram widget and faves section
  • Investment section
  • Three setup galleries
  • Minimalist blog page with excerpts and links to four custom category buttons
  • Reviews section


Notes: To use the Instagram area you’ll need to create an Instagram widgets at either or When creating the about page widget choose 8 columns, 1 rows, and be sure to click the “responsive” checkbox. You'll need to make a mobile version as well to make the design more vertical so make the second widget 1 column by 8 rows. You'll have to toggle the mobile/desktop on and off button to turn the mobile widget off on the desktop and the desktop widget off on the mobile version.

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